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SAKA-SAMA – Soramimi Kamo Shirenai (4th Single)

Description SAKA-SAMA to release the first single after joining Mizuho Asakura! In addition to the album song “Digital Relation”, Bjons’s Yuki Imaizumi’s lead song “Maybe Sora” may be produced. However, it includes “Our Map” provided by the familiar Sasaki Cafe, and “Good Night Judy” by Daisuke Adachi from Kyoto’s Psychedelic …

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New PV Alert: SAKA-SAMA – Owari Kara

TRASH-UP!! Delivers another winner here with the idol foursome SAKA-SAMA. The intro of the girls in bipedal transit over a gradually building instrumental builds anticipation for the dream pop guitars of the musical arrangement. Guitars drip like honey under the SAKA-SAMA’s harmonized vocals and the drums pound steady like we …

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SAKA-SAMA – Yume no hate made mo (1st Single)

SAKA-SAMA Profile Image

Lo-Fi Dream pop idol, SAKA-SAMA released a single! Country song “nezumi no seikatsu” by Pony’s Hissamitsu, digital garage song “Liberty’s classic song” Party Party “, “owari kara” sublimated pop to the idol song, Members Dr. Mahiru who tried the lyrics for the first time” Suui Shinku “poet Ogasawara birds wrote …

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DAOKO – DAOKO x Dragalia Lost (4th Album)

Description In commemoration of the first anniversary of the action role-playing game app “Dragalia Lost” jointly developed and operated by Nintendo and Cygames, the anniversary album will be released in collaboration with DAOKO and Dragalia Lost! Takeshi Kobayashi Produced “In the Endless World”, Nakata Yasutaka Produced “Our Network”, “Hisense Paisen”, …

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SUPER☆GiRLS – Natsukare☆Vacation (22nd Single)

Description “Summer Speaking Spaga!” # Summer Spaga SUPER ☆ GiRLS Chapter 4, released the first royal road Tepan summer song on the group formation day! The lyrics are “Hanado !! A-N-Bichasu” “Splendid V! CTORY” Litz, composer “Love Sama !!!” Shinya Tada. Spaga total 22nd single. The title song “Natsucare ★ …

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