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PLC – Can’t Stop the Music / Kiss Me (7th Single)

Description The first single “Can’t Stop The Music” has become a new organization, Killer disco tune which becomes the true point of PLC which advocates pop and danceable! Produced by the Disco Revival Committee KARL Minamizawa. PLC single 7th. A large floor anthem to support the disco revival! The coupling …

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Batten Showjo Tai – BGM (2nd Album)

Description Batten Showjo Tai brings the second album featuring “Killer Killer Smile,” “MEGRRY GO ROUND,” “Muteki no Venus,” “BDM,” “6STARS” and more! Comes with a bonus Blu-ray featuring their one-man concert held at Culttz Kawasaki in 2018 and an instrumental CD. Also includes an event ticket (valid only in Japan). …

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