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New PV Alert: Fujikawa Chiai – Laika

Former Maneki Kecak member Fujikawa Chiai preps for her debut album as a soloist with the spacey track “Laika”. Softly funky and adorned with Chiai’s powerful vocals, “Laika” lives up to its Fujinaga Ryutaro (Elements Garden) pedigree with syncopated guitars solid downbeats. The arrangement maintains integrity while making ample room …

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Fujikawa Chiai – Laika (1st Album)

Description In August 2015, she debuted as a member of the idol group “Meneki Kecak”. Leading the group with high singing power, and in the third year of his formation he succeeded in one-man performance at Nippon Budokan. Graduated from the onslaught of the Nippon Budokan performances from the strong …

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New PV Alert: Maneki Kecak – Dodemo Iiya

Starting with a ballad piano, Maneki Kecak quickly pick up the pace for their new single “Doudemo Iiya”. The story through the PV shows the four girls pursuing their artistic dreams. Nakagawa Miyuu, Miyauchi Rin, and Matsushita Reona passionately work the theater while Fujikawa Chiai busks for a dollar on …

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