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New PV Alert: Up Up Girls (2) – Shi.Te.Ru.Mo.N

Up Up Girls (2) cash in the two-for-one deal with the release of their latest promotional video “Shi.Te.Ru.Mo.N (し・て・る・も・ん)”. Using much of the off shot from the jacket making of their latest single and other side of the Double A-side single, “Sekai de ichiban kawaii idol (世界で一番かわいいアイドル)”, it looks like …

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Up Up Girls (2) – Aoharu 1st (1st Album)

Description Apga Sister Unit, Up Up Girls (2) The long-awaited first album that will be the culmination of two years of activity “Aoharu 1st” released on Tuesday, November 12 All single songs + new songs, including the current Apga 2! アプガ妹分ユニット、アップアップガールズ(2) 活動2年間の集大成となる待望のファーストアルバム 「アオハル1st」11月12日(火)発売 シングル曲全網羅+新曲含む、今のアプガ2が詰まった1枚! [note: translation via Google Translate]   …

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